Provo Pictures

Interior Photography

The Turks & Caicos islands, in particular Providenciales has enjoyed steady development from the early 1970’s. There are numerous world class resorts, luxury villas and condos offering a varied experience for the discerning traveller. From a family beach holiday at one of the all inclusive resorts to a private villa set on a secluded beach, the islands attract guests from across the globe.

To that point, property developers, international realtors, world famous architects and interior designers have been called upon and are still involved in the booming real estate, resort and commercial property development industry.

Provo Pictures has for over a decade provided the aforementioned, editorial quality imagery to showcase their efforts. Clients to name a few, include Sotheby’s International Realty, Aman, Wymara, Grace Bay Resorts & Villas, West Bay Club, Sail Rock, Beach Enclave etc… In addition Provo Pictures is commissioned almost exclusively to capture imagery for the luxury villa rental management industry including amongst others The Source, TKCA, TCVillas, Island Escapes and Turquoise Vacation Rentals. And finally of course Provo Pictures provides imagery for the architects and interior designers involved in the above.

Provo Pictures’ work has been featured in international publications such as the Architectural Digest, New York Times, Coastal Living, The Robb Report, The Wall Street Journal, Haper’s Bazaar and Forbes to name a few. 

To achieve the results needed to satisfy the expectations of the clients mentioned above, especially when it comes to interior photography. Provo Pictures has developed a unique system of shooting for interiors. Because of the extreme exposure differential between the interiors and the (all important) beautiful views, they use a combination of flash and ambient/natural light exposures (which are blended in post) to create a balanced evenly lit final image.

Compositions are carefully considered to showcase to the best light, angle, features and amenities of each space. Every object (be it furniture, tables, chairs to the smallest bud vase) is positioned within frame to create a natural uncluttered, clean and inviting rendition of the space.
The purpose of which is not to create a just ‘pretty’ picture, but to reveal to the viewer the experience of actually being in the space, and more importantly aspiring to be there!